Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WoGE #398

Ole Tjugen's WoGE 397 was found faster than he expected. It was a matter of matching the colours of his picture with an area and to be lucky enough to find the correct location within this area ast enough.

The interesting thing is that these two impact craters are not in the database. In fact it look that they are not well described at all. Very limited information can be found. It is nice to be able to find the WoGE, but in this case it is also a hard job to select this rather unknown, but interesting location. Thanks for that Ole.

Now for the new WoGE. This time I selected a picture in a different (not green) colour. In fact I think this location might be relatively well known. For that reason I think it is good to use Schott's rule: experienced WoGE players will have to wait one hour for every WoGE they have won so far.

This WoGE 398 has been posted on 28 August 2013 at 11:45 UT.

Find the location, give the position and describe the geology found at this location. For all the rules of the game, please check Felix Bossert's WoGE Blog.

Good luck with the search!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WoGE #396

It took quite some time before WoGE#395 was found. Things seems to be slow due to the summer vacation and this gave me the opportunity to find this one.

My initial thoughts where on SW-Asia, and especially on Iran. The folds on the picture are a pattern that I remembered to have seen in Iran. It turned out that the location was in Pakistan, but very close to the border of Afghanistan and Iran. Once found, the "something special" that Ole had been looking for was an easy find: it was the Copper Mine at the Saindak Complex.

Thanks Ole, for the interesting location.

My previous WoGE challenges turned out to be green locations. My new one is rather green as well. Although I think that the site is quite well known to many people, I do think that this does not make it easier to find. So I do not use Schott's rule, meaning equal chances for experienced and for new WoGE players.

As mostly with my searches, the centre of the picture is the most special of the area.

Rules of the game can be found on Felix Bossert's WoGE blog.

Good luck with the search.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WoGE #393

It was quite a search to find WoGE#392 that was published by Matthew last Sunday. Looking at the area I recognised the infrastructure in the landscape as American, but without the square grids that are common in the westerly states. 
So the idea was to investigate the eastern states and particularly the southern states. The search started in South-Carolina, Georgia en North-Florida, but without any luck. I must have overlooked the area (square eyes) since I found the location in Georgia after searching the SE of the USA again two days later.

Although the inland sand dunes are quite interesting, the local population might have other ideas on this. It was not easy to find information on the brown-areas that were clearly in the centre of Matthew's picture. But the connection to the Ohopee river brought some light in the darkness.

My last WoGE challenge (WoGE#391) was located in New Zealand. This one is closer to home. Unfortunately this is not a hint, since almost everything is closer to my home than New Zealand is.

The geology is similar for most of the whole depicted area, but there is something more special about the centre of the picture. Try to find the story behind the formation of this area.

Good luck with the search.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

WoGE #391

A small location with interesting geological features in the center of the picture is the spot that you are looking for in this contest.