Wednesday, 28 August 2013

WoGE #398

Ole Tjugen's WoGE 397 was found faster than he expected. It was a matter of matching the colours of his picture with an area and to be lucky enough to find the correct location within this area ast enough.

The interesting thing is that these two impact craters are not in the database. In fact it look that they are not well described at all. Very limited information can be found. It is nice to be able to find the WoGE, but in this case it is also a hard job to select this rather unknown, but interesting location. Thanks for that Ole.

Now for the new WoGE. This time I selected a picture in a different (not green) colour. In fact I think this location might be relatively well known. For that reason I think it is good to use Schott's rule: experienced WoGE players will have to wait one hour for every WoGE they have won so far.

This WoGE 398 has been posted on 28 August 2013 at 11:45 UT.

Find the location, give the position and describe the geology found at this location. For all the rules of the game, please check Felix Bossert's WoGE Blog.

Good luck with the search!


  1. Let's see...
    I'm up to 8 wins now, I think. That places me safely outside "Schott quarantine" now.

    Once again I had a placemarker here already, thinking to use it for a future WoGE!

    This is Band-e Amir in the Bamyan province of Afghanistan.
    Position 34° 50'N 67° 12.4'E

    The valley is called "Afghanistan's Grand Canyon", but the most interesting thing here might be that the series of six lakes were created by natural travertine dams.

    Wikipedia mentions fractures and faults, but this isn't necessarily where the dams formed: Water with a high content of dissolved calcium carbonate tends to precipitate this where the current is strongest. In some cases this leads to "travertine falls", in other cases it leads to barriers forming in fast-flowing stretches of a river, eventually leading to a series of lakes separated by travertine dams.

    1. Very good Ole,

      It is a clear victory for you. Now it is up to you again to post the next one.

      This is a very nice location in a country with many problems. The Afghan Authority is trying to get tourists to the most interesting Bamyan province, but it is very hard to get there.

      I will try to keep up and post some information and pictures for this WoGE on My WoGEs pages. But with all the searching and posting this is rather hard.


    2. It's easy when you have the placemark and the necessary information all ready in case of use! After deciding that I wanted to see what someone else came up with for WoGE #400, all I had to do was open GE to find the coordinates..

      Next Woge will be up tomorrow (Friday).

  2. Gentlemen, you are kind of busy lately. As I'm on vacation for one more week and my old smartphone is not suitable to handle kmz-files, the scoring will not be updated for another week.

  3. Felix,

    That is fine for me. Enjoy your vacation! We will try not to get passed #400 too far ;)

  4. Aaaaand....
    WoGE #399 is up HERE: