Thursday, 1 August 2013

WoGE #391

A small location with interesting geological features in the center of the picture is the spot that you are looking for in this contest.


  1. 38.474S 176.15E
    Orakei Korako geothermal area in New Zealand. This is one of the largest geothermal areas remaining in New Zealand. It features geysers, boiling mud, hot springs, and the large mineral terraces that are the most obvious feature in the WOGE image. A part of the area, including many geysers, was submerged when the Waikato river was dammed in 1960, creating the reservoir that passes through the middle of the image.

    1. Matthew, that is excellent. It is only a small spot but it is an impressive spot when you walk around in the area. It is a very fine geothermal area.

      It is also known as the Hidden Valley (not a translation for Orakei Korako). I think this name is appropriate for this contest, since it took a few days before the location was found. Also in real it is hard to get there, since it is only accessible by a small pedestrian ferry.

      We are looking forward to the new WoGE contest.

  2. Find some background information on this location on My WoGEs page in this blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Felix,

      Had you heard of this location before? To my opinion it is much less known than many of the other geothermal locations in New Zealand. Gives also one big advantage: it is not by near as crowded as those other places.

    2. No I haven't heared about this before. When I looked at the picture I would never have thought about a geothermal field even as it was somehow clear, that we have to look in New Zealand.

  4. Thanks for posting your pictures of this beautiful area. I usually (but not always) envy the players who can use locations they have visited themselves. As soon as I looked at New Zealand I knew I was in the right country. Limited time has kept me out of the game for a while, so I was happy to take advantage of others being on vacation.

    WOGE #392 is now posted at